Fireworks Retail Location Permit

Any individual or organization who wishes to sell fireworks of any description whatsoever, or to erect or maintain a fireworks retail sales location inside the Murray village corporate limits must obtain a permit prior to conducting business within the village.  The cost of the Fireworks Retail Location Permit is $50.00 per sales period.  The two State-allowed sales periods are June 24 through July 5, and December 28 through January 1.  Application deadlines are May 31st and November 30, respectively.  The Board of Trustees will consider approval of applications at the June and December board meetings.  Proof of Liability Insurance and State Fire Marshal Approved Permit are required to be submitted with application and $50.00 permit fee.  For more information or questions, contact the Village Clerk at 402-235-2119 or email  (Murray Village Code of Ordinances # 130.01 (E) and Nebraska Rev. Statute 28-1249)