Burn Pile

The Village of Murray maintains a burn pile for residents to use for yard waste and brush ONLY.  It is located south of the intersection of South Street and S Railroad Avenue.  This area is open 24 hours and is monitored.  The EPA strictly prohibits the dumping of any materials OTHER THAN yard waste and brush.  The EPA conducts unannounced inspections of the burn pile, and if contents are found to be in violation, the EPA will order the burn pile closed, possibly permanently.  Please respect the rule regarding ONLY dumping yard waste and brush so we are able to maintain this benefit for our community.  For more info, call 402-235-2119.

Burn Pile Map

Burn Pile

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours is the Burn Pile open?

The Burn Pile is open 24 hours and is continually monitored for compliance to the rule of dumping ONLY yard waste and brush.